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Standartinė LY2BAW » 2006-Rgp-01, 21:36



The purpose of this open contest is to enhance the activity of VHF/UHF/SHF amateurs in Estonia and elsewhere in Europe and to establish as many contacts as possible during the contest periods. Also to work as many amateur radio stations from as many different WWL squares as possible. All contest's participants may work each other without limitations.

1. Contest periods and bands:

The first full weekend of August every year (changed from 2001):

I period 432 MHz 16:00-22:00 UTC on Friday evening
II period 1296 MHz 04:00-10:00 UTC on Saturday morning
III period 144 MHz 16:00-22:00 UTC on Saturday evening

NB! In addition, the IV period is introduced, held on Sunday morning - being two simultaneous and separate contests (50 MHz and "microwave") not counted yet to Field Day result, but the participants with the best scores will be additionally awarded (see below):

IV period (A) 50 MHz 05:00-09:00 UTC on Sunday morning
IV period (B) 2.3, 5.7, 10 and 24GHz 05:00-09:00 UTC on Sunday morning

2. Modes:

CW, SSB, FM & AM. Frequencies according to the IARU Reg.1
Band Plan.

NB! Only one transmitted signal allowed per band regardless of the
mode at any given time!

3. Categories:

A - Single operator single band (SOSB - any one of the three bands chosen)
B - Single operator multi band (SOMB - i.e. 144, 432 and 1296 MHz)
C - Multi operator multi band (MOMB - i.e. 144, 432 and 1296 MHz)
D - Open class, multi band (if no QSOs with Estonia)

NB! QSOs may be made on several bands without jeopardizing single
band entry status. Such additional contacts are encouraged and
should be reported as check log. The chosen single band for SOSB
account should be clearly indicated in the contest report.

ATTENTION! There are two contest categories issued for the IV period - multi operator (MO) and single operator (SO).

4. Contest exchange:

Signal report (RS or RST), serial number of QSO commencing
with No 001 (starting from No 001 on each band!) and a full
WWL symbol (like 599001 KP00AA). Entrants may not change
the location of their station during the contest.

EXCEPTION! The "microwave" contest on Sunday morning has continuous QSO numbering, i.e. you must not start from 001 while changing the "microwave" bands!

5. Scoring:

50 and 144 MHz - 1 point per km of QRB
432 MHz - 2 points per km of QRB
1296 MHz - 3 points per km of QRB
2320 MHz - 7 points per km of QRB
5760 MHz - 9 points per km of QRB
10368 MHz - 11 points per km of QRB
24192 MHz - 13 points per km of QRB

QSO distance between two different stations located in the
same WWL location (identical locators, like KP00AA<->KP00AA) count
on: 50 and 144 MHz: 3 pts.
432 MHz: 6 pts.
1296 MHz and higher: 9 pts.

NB! For scoring in categories A, B and C at least one two-way contact
must be made with an amateur radio station located in Estonia (ES).

ATTENTION! A given station, regardless of mode, may be worked again for
points credit AFTER TWO HOURS (120 min.) from the previous QSO.

EXCEPTION! In IV period of the contest (Sunday morning) no duplicate contacts
are allowed, i.e. each station can be worked only once on the given
band regardless of mode.

* For the computer scoring purposes the IARU recommended conversion
factor of 111,2 km/degree must be used.
* Contacts made through a repeater, via satellite or EME will not count
for points.
* Partial QSOs do not count. Both call signs, the full exchange and
acknowledgement must be sent, received and logged.

7. WWL square bonus:

Each new worked WWL square (like KP00) count for bonus points on:
50 and 144 MHz: 500 pts.
432 MHz: 1000 pts.
1296 MHz: 1500 pts.
2.3, 5.7, 10 and 24 GHz: 2000 pts.

ATTENTION! Regardless of band your own WWL square (like KP00) does not count for bonus points.

8. Band score:

is calculated as QSO points on the given band plus sum of the bonus
points of this band.

Examples: 50 MHz: 5 000 + (10 x 500) = 10 000 pts.
144 MHz 10 000 + (20 x 500) = 20 000 pts.
432 MHz 5 000 + (10 x 1000) = 15 000 pts.
1296 MHz 2 500 + ( 5 x 1500) = 10 000 pts.
2320 MHz 2 000 + ( 3 x 2000) = 8 000 pts.

9. Total score:

is calculated as the sum of the band scores (in multi-band categories).

ATTENTION! The score of the IV period is calculated according to the same (above given) rules - reports must be presented separately for 50 MHz and "microwave" section. The total result of the "microwave" section is the sum of the scores achieved on each "microwave" band.

10. Logs:

Separate logs are required for each band. Log time - UTC. Use standard log-sheets or a logging program that generates no more than 40 QSOs per page. Each entry must be accompanied also by a summary sheet showing all scoring information, own WWL square, category, contestant's name, mailing address and a declaration that all contest rules and regulations for amateur radio in the country of operation have been observed. All operators of multi-operator stations must be listed by name and callsign as well.

11. Awards:

The Winners of the categories A, B and C will be awarded with plaques. Special trophies are issued also to the winners of the 50 MHz and "microwave" contests.
Certificates will be awarded to the three top scoring stations in each category and also for 50MHz and "microwave" section. First place certificates will be awarded to the top scoring stations in each DXCC country. In the countries where the log returns justify (4 or more received logs) second and third place awards will be issued.

12. Disqualification:

Violation of amateur radio regulations in the country of the contestant or the rules of the contest, also unsportsmanlike conduct, taking credit for unverifiable contacts will be deemed sufficient cause for disqualification.
Actions and decision of the contest committee are official and final.

13. Deadline:

Entries must be postmarked no later than September 1st, and sent to
the address:
P.O. Box 125
10502 Tallinn

Electronic logs sent via e-mail are encouraged, please send logs to:

An electronic logging program created by SM0LCB (LOGGER v. 1.0 and up) is having all necessary options and possibilities to be used in the contest.

P.S. Please add your wishes, comments and photographs with your entry.

Thank you & CU in the contest!

ERAU VHF Committee

Mail: P.O.Box: 125, Tallinn 10502, Estonia
Phone/Fax: (+372) 6570774
GSM: (+372) 53 909190
bank account: 1120066318 Hansapank
web: ... ewlang=eng
73! Tadas LY2BAW

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Standartinė LY3UE » 2008-Lie-14, 13:13


Musu kaimynai is Estijos vel maloniai kviecia visus Lietuvos UTB megejus sudalyvauti
atvirose Estijos UTB Lauko dienos varzybose, kurios vyks siu metu rugpjucio
1-3 dienomis. Varzybos vyks turais:
I turas, 432MHz 16:00-21:59 UTC penktadieni, rugpjucio 1d..
II turas, 1296MHz 04:00-09:59 UTC sestadieni, rugpjucio 2d.
III turas, 144MHz 16:00-21:59 UTC sestadieni, rugpjucio 2d.
IV turas*, 50MHz & mikrobangos** tuo paciu laiku 5:00-8:59 UTC sekmadieni,
rugpjucio 3d..
* IV turo rezultatai nera oficialiai vertinami, bet nugaletojams 50MHz ir
mikrobangu diapazonuose skirti specialus apdovanojimai.
** mikrobangos 2.3, 5.7, 10 ir 24GHz

Detalesne varzybu informacija pateikta zemiau (anglu kalba). Savo ataskaitas
iki rugsejo 1d. galite siusti adresu

73, Oleg LY3UE

Hi Oleg!
VUSHF Friend from Lithuania are kindly invited to take part in the
traditional Estonian Open Field Day contest at the beginning of August.
The contest has four different periods as follows:
I period, 432MHz 16:00-21:59 UTC on Friday, 1st of Aug.
II period, 1296MHz 04:00-09:59 UTC on Saturday, 2nd of Aug.
III period, 144MHz 16:00-21:59 UTC on Saturday, 2nd of Aug.
IV period*, 50MHz & microwaves** at the same time - 5:00-8:59 UTC on Sunday,
3rd of Aug.
* IV period is not counted in the official Field Day result, but separate
awards are issued to the winners on 6m and microwaves.
** microwaves incl 2.3, 5.7, 10 and 24GHz

CW,SSB,FM,AM. Frequencies according to IARU Reg.1 Band Plan
A - Single operator single band (SOSB - any one of the three main bands
B - Single operator multi band (SOMB - i.e. 144, 432 and 1296 MHz)
C - Multi operator multi band (MOMB - i.e. 144, 432 and 1296 MHz)
D - Open class, multi band (if no QSOs with Estonia)

Each period has its own QSO numbering (starting from 001) in the contest,
duplicate QSO-s are allowed (in periods I, II and III) with a particular
station after 120 minutes from the previous QSO (e.g. Logger software by
SM0LCB has this feature built in). Each new locator square is awarded with
bonus points - 500, 1000 and 1500 respectively on 144, 432 and 1296MHz. Each
km of distance of a QSO on 2m is worth 1 point, on 70cm 2 points and on 23cm
3 points.
Logs should be sent before Sept 1st to the contest e-mail address
For more detailed information about the rules of the FD, but also the
results of the previous years please look at the ERAU home page: ... e&artid=97

Looking forward to working many of our good friends in the upcoming
contest - from our side we try to activate most of the available WWL squares
of Estonia.
Please share above information to VUSHF friends via Your local forums/e-mail
Hope to meet many LY stations during contest.
With 73s,
Mart, ES2NJ
ERAU VHF Manager
73! op.Oleg LY3UE Vilnius KO24OP

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Standartinė LY3UE » 2008-Gru-02, 13:25


Paskelbti Estijos UTB Lauko dienos rezultatai. Is LY stociu, esanciu
rezultatu lenteleje figuruoja:

LY2SA 5 vieta SOSB 432MHz
LY2R 7 vieta SOSB 144MHz
LY4U 32 vieta SOSB 1296MHz
LY3UE 12 vieta SOMB 144, 432MHz
LY2FN 13 vieta SOMB 144, 432MHz

Detali info pateikta suvestineje rezultatu lenteleje cia: ... ESULTS.pdf

73! Oleg LY3UE


Please find the final results from ERAU homapge: ... ESULTS.pdf

This Year we had tropo above average and number of nice QSO-s was done on
1296 and 432.
We are looking forward to meet You in the next Year contest.

73! ES2NJ
Mart Tagasaar
73! op.Oleg LY3UE Vilnius KO24OP

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