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Parduodu Icom IC-7100 - PARDUOTAS

Parašytas: 2019-Kov-22, 13:10
PARDUOTAS - Parduodu Icom IC-7100, HF/VHF/UHF/70MHz (su 70Mhz diapazonu)
Išvestas kabeliukas panoramai+RTL.SDR modulius.
Puikiai išlaikytas, vienas šeimininkas.
Digi modes per USB port for connecting to the computer.

Kaina - 690

The ICOM IC-7100 is a 100 W transceiver for short wave 1,8Mhz - 30Mhz, 50MHZ, 70MHZ, 144MHZ and 430MHZ with remote control panel, D-Star and touch display.

The Transmitter sweeps all shortwave bands from 160m to 10m and in addition 50 Mhz with an output power of 100W. At 70MHZ and 144 MHz, the IC-7100, has an output power of 50 W and at least on 70cm delivers the transmitter 35 W Output.

A 32bit IF-DSP in the Receiver works in the shortwave bands, on VHF/UHF too and provides the functions such as PBT, Noise Reduction, CW autotune and more.

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